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Hi, I'm Nyar.

I make video games.


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Hi!! im tesla, im a 16 year old trans girl. I am also lower class and currently living in a motel room with my dad. we need money to save up to get into a real house, and i need money so i can start transitioning! (Buying clothes, hormones, makeup, etc)

i make music, i have a makeshift studio in my motel room, where ive recorded different rappers and produced a lot of instrumentals. i mostly do hip hop and trap stuff, but i can do pretty much any genre within reason.

my prices are pictured in the photo above, but i can do discounts if you are hard up on money as well! my prices are very cheap compared to other music commissions ive seen, and i would really appreciate if you helped me out!

you can send me an ask regarding a commission, or an email at teslageyer@gmail.com

even if you cant commission me, i would appreciate signal boosts for this post so your friends and followers can see it! thank you!!! <3