llogicoma asked:

Okay? Not really sure why I'm getting the cold shoulder over what I did? Would you rather I be a bitch about this because I answered you rationally. I wasn't looking to argue with you because I don't even know you. I don't see why you're acting like my politeness is a facade. There are a good handful of genuine people out there and if you haven't met them, I feel sorry for you. Not all people do things and wish for a gratuitous reward.

ryuuseiii answered:

why are you even coming back you said yourself you dont even know me :’))
did i get u riled
i guess i just dont deserve people telling me i should be encouraged by them when i dont even know them :c
pls continue to attempt to convince me of your genuineness youre doing a wonderful job :-)

right now, I’ve got a total of like 300 bucks in my savings, thats why the keyword is saving. I’m looking at getting the Corsair Obsidian 900D because I have yaoi hands and a mid tower is way too small to effectively cable manage

nice nice

i used a chunk of my student loan for my PC #norrrtyyyyy

i just want something with a see-through side panel, LED lights and decent ventilation xD